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That said our polices protect our small business, your safety but also give you a run down about how we work!

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Ways to pay!


Along with eftpos facilities in salon we also have card capture via our booking system(this is totally secure) so we can save your card & check you out with no need to get your phone or card out!


Yip we still take the most old school method of payment! 

Buy Now Pay Later

We offer after pay via our eftpos machine + salon pay which is similar to after pay however we sign up for you!


Chill now , pay later!

Policies & Salon Important Info!



We understand things come up, that’s life but we appreciate if you let us know ASAP, we have a strict 48hr rule so if you cannot make your appointment or need to reschedule please make sure you do so at least 48hrs prior by sending us an sms or calling us on 0400303070. 

If you fail to do so we reserve the right to hold any booking fees made & charge a 50% fee(minus any booking fee credits taken) to your nominated card that you have logged into our booking system.

For more info on booking fees please see below. Also you may be asked in future to pay a booking fee or full price upon booking for each booking from then on in.



Eeek probably everyone least favorite thing to do is forget their appointment! We do get this happens but failure to show or let us know you are running late results in a 100% fee of your booking charged to your nominated card that is logged into our booking system. 


You may also be blocked from booking in future if you fail to show with no contact. 

If you’re running late, stuck in traffic, can’t get the kids out of the car to school or need to stop for coffee please let us know by calling or sending an sms to 0400303070 prior to the start of your appointment! Anything 10mins later then your start time will result in needing to reschedule, loss of time on service or cancelation. Fee of 50% of the original booking will be charged to you if you are late & we need to reschedule or cancel due to lack of time to perform the treatment.



 To ensure you keep your amazing appointment time you selected you will need to pay a booking fee, this may have been paid on the booking page or will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to pay(you must pay this invoice within 12 hours of receiving it to secure your booking as our booking system is on an automatic time out and your booking will be lost). All services have a booking fee due to having a waitlist for certain times and days where every hour means someone else would of loved to take your spot if you’re unable to make it! 

Booking fees will be lost if you do not follow above policies. Booking fees are non refundable. Booking fee can be carried over to 1x reschedule of that same appointment(we call this your good grace carry over), second reschedule will result in loss of initial fee plus any owning up to 50% of the booking cost. and require secondary booking fee. Booking fees will be a portion of the service cost which is different each service.

Our booking system uses a card capture system as part of our booking policy. We do require a credit/debit card to be on file to be able to charge any fees outside of booking fees when we are required to enforce our policies. This system is secure, we do not have access to your card details so we cannot see it we can only charge it via our booking system. By booking with us & entering your card details you are agreeing to allow us to charge to your nominated card. 


*All unpaid fees will be passed onto a debt collection agency which will incur fees payable by you if not paid* 



We like to keep you on the ball by sending a reminder sms 48hr prior to your appointment this also may ask you to confirm your appointment or call/sms to amend. Please follow above policies if you need to amend your booking. If you need to amend contact us on 0400303070 do not reply to the confirmation msg as we do not get notified this way. 

*Failure to reply to confirmation is not a form of canceling your appointment - failure to confirm will lead to either your booking being cancelled by us or loss of booking fee/no show/cancelation fees* 




In the unfortunate event you are a close contact or are unwell with COVID19 we do ask that you do not enter our salon until you receive a negative PCR test(we may ask for proof), we will give you a good grace reschedule of appointment for 14 days in the future which we will contact you closer to incase we need to move this again whilst you recover or until you're cleared. We will carry over any bookings fees & not change any other fees for this situation(however if this happens more then once we may ask for proof, without this we may still charge fees). 


If in the case our salon must close for cleaning or staff isolation we will reschedule your appointment to a more appropriate time or to another staff member where possible. Booking fees will also be carried over in this instance. If the appointment cannot be rescheduled any booking fees charged will be refunded in 14 working days. Fees will not be charged to card. 


We will not be allowing anyone who currently has others isolating in their homes into the salon, you will need to reschedule for 7-14 days post isolation.

If you are a traveller from overseas or other states please do not enter our salon before receiving your mandatory PCR or RAT teat results as negative. We reserve the right to ask for proof of test results.


Please do not ask the staff or management about their vaccination status, we are not required by mandate to be vaccinated nor are our clients. We do not ask you for your vaccination status so please respect us by doing the same.




Our salon is mandated by law to follow certain rules regarding COVID safety in our state.


Masks are mandatory inside the salon this is from before your enter our door we ask you mask up, we also ask that you wear this properly this means above the nose and low the chin. Please do not remove or lower your mask at any point unless instructed by a team member when it may affect your treatment or we need to access masked area for treatment we will ask you to remove your mask. Failure to comply with mask wearing will mean we cannot provide service. We have masks for $4 a mask if you forget your but we do not offer free masks as this is your responsibility.


We have sanitiser stations set up in reception & each treatment room we ask you please use these facilities.


If you have been unwell especially with flu like symptoms we ask that you do not enter our salon till you receive a negative PCR or RAT test(we reserve the right to view proof of these). 


Returned travellers or anyone who is iso or visited a recent hotspot is not to enter the salon till isolation, testing & health measures directed by the government are completed.



A salon is no place for little fingers! It’s super dangerous for parent & therapist during treatment as they will not be available to mind the little ones during appointments so please for their safety and your peace of mind do not bring them with you. We have a duty of care to our staff & anyone who enters our salon.


Partners, sisters, entourage, dad, Mum, pets are also not allowed to join you!


Most of our services are private and require one on one with your therapist, we ask that you do not have your children or guest wait for you in our reception as we use this space for treatments, consultation & are trying to limit noise etc for other clients to enjoy their time. 


We will refuse to perform your treatment if you bring others with you. We are also governed by law to uphold any covid safety measure including how many we are allowed in salon.


Please be respectful of our staff & other clients by not bringing anyone else to your appointment. We reserve the right to refuse service & also ask your guest to leave the salon if this policy is ignored.



Rushing us may result in us refusing to finishing your service as we want to give you the best we can, for new sets of lashes allow 3-4 hours 🕑 if you're unsure of your booking length please contact us. 



Upon arrival we do a consultation with each client this allows us to get to know you and your needs it also states some pretty important safety notices so be sure to be on time to your appointment and have pre filled out your intake form that we will send to you prior to your appointment. Depending on the treatments you're booked for you may have more than 1 form to fill out. Please read all waivers & fill out all information correctly, these are legally binding & help us to be informed of any risks to your health.


Any voucher sold or donated by Stellar Aesthetics Spa must be used in the specified time on voucher(promotional or discounted treatment/value vouchers will have shorter validity to dollar amount vouchers as per consumer laws).


Vouchers cannot be exchanged, used for other treatments(unless contraindications present), refunded, used towards other promotions or discounted treatments or used with discount codes. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase retail products, packages or to purchase other vouchers they may only be used for treatments in salon.

If Stellar Aesthetics Spa no longer offer the treatment or package your voucher is for we will allow you to change the voucher for the purchase amount to use towards another treatment. This is at the discretion of of Stellar Aesthetics Spa's management.

Bookings made with vouchers must abide by booking policies. Vouchers will be voided for breach of policies. 

Vouchers must be presented or code lodged into booking system to be able to redeem the voucher. Vouchers are usually connected to your client card but giveaway or donated vouchers are not linked to any codes or client cards so physical voucher is necessary to redeem.

*Vouchers, credits or packages sold by J'adore Beauty Spa pre 8 March 2022 are not the liability of Stellar Aesthetics Spa. We are not the same business although we are in their old building. Please understand that we DO NOT have to honour any J'adore vouchers, packages or credits. This is the liability of the previous owner. Please refrain from abuse & rude behaviour towards us as this its not our fault we are a new business in their old building*


We always do our very best but sometimes we know we may miss the mark, everyone has their bad days. We ask that as per our defamation policy(stated on our waivers) that if you have any issues with your treatment or staff that you please contact management via email admin@stellaraestheticsspa.com.au so we can work towards resolving your issue. We appreciate all feedback & will do our very best to remedy any issues or conflicts as we genuinely care about all clients & staff.

Non refundable booking fees are exactly that, non refundable unless management decides otherwise depending on the individual situation/case. 

As per consumer law in WA & Australia we will offer a remedy/fix/assessment/credit or some sort of other remedy for any treatment issues. Refunds are not applicable unless offered by Stellar Aesthetics Spa or a remedy is not carried out. If the consumer refuses the remedy offer this voids any refund entitlements or offers. Refunds are at the businesses discretion.

Approved refunds cannot be made by staff, this is a management only approval system. This may mean you will need to wait for management to approve or accept any refunds offered for whatever reason. Refunds may take up to 14 business days to process. We may need your bank details if a card is not linked to your account.

Please be respectful when approaching any issues, we are always respectful & as helpful as we can be so we expect the same in return when lodging a complaint with us. We appreciate your patience while we review any complaints as sometimes we may need to consult staff, CCTV or booking systems to be able to deal with your complaint appropriately.


Parking is behind out salon/spa. You can enter the parking by entering the Dan Murphys carpark on Leslie Street(just off Pinjarra Road) continue driving through the carpark past Dan Murphys, pas the gym and then you will see Stellar signs on the back of our building. Park anywhere back here.

To get to our front door please walk through the alley way to the right of the back of our building, this takes you to Pinjarra Road, our front door has our signs etc out the front.

For after-dark appointments to ensure your safety we ask that you park out the back as usual & call the salons phone to let us know you are here. We will allow you entry via our back door(this is in the carpark), please wait till you see our staff open the door before leaving your car. Do not back by our back door or block our back door. We will not let anyone who knocks on this door in for our safety so please call so we can open the door for you. This door is monitored by CCTV.


Due to our float pods having magnesium + chemicals in the water that can strip hair colour, strips fake tan, oils from hair(dreadlocks etc) and body we ask that you do not enter our float pods with hair dye that leaks colour(freshly coloured or bright colours), have heavily treated hair or dreadlocks, fake tan on the skin or oils on the skin. Brand new bathers, underwear or clothing that may leak dye are also not permitted.

You will agree to these terms on our waivers. If our water is discoloured or made oily by you entering/breaking these terms a charge of $1200 will be charged to your nominated card for the emptying, refill & re-salt of our tank for others comfort and safety of use. This also puts out the tank that we may be losing income from. Please see our Float Pod FAQ & info section for more info on the float pod safety, contraindications & use.


Our spa services all genders & orientations.. Our therapists deserve the right to a safe workplace free of harassment. All clients are asked to agree to our sexual harassment policy. 

If at anytime our therapist feel uncomfortable, any unwanted comments are made, physical harassment of any type, or any means of solicitation is made by the client our therapist have been advised to end the treatment immediately. 

An assessment on the severity of the harassment claim will be assessed by management who will also escort anyone who has harassed our team out of the building. Post assessment a police report made be made & as the client you will be blocked from booking in future.

You will be charged full price for your treatment regardless of if it was completed or not if harassment has taken place and the therapist ended the treatment early. Please respect our team whilst they carry out their job in a non sexual professional manner.


Often our salon is busy, it may take us a while to respond, we may be training staff or we may need to enforce policies. We understand sometimes enforcing our policies or dealing with staff who are training not having all the answers can be frustrating.

We ask that respect is given to all of our staff at all times. By booking with us you are agreeing to these & other policies & the treatments being undertaken in salon. We reserve the right to enforce & carry out these polices. No matter your upset we ask that you do not abuse, threaten or mistreat anyone related to our salon. Sadly this policy was made due to the lack of respect our industry receives as a service industry.

We are at anytime allowed to refuse service, decline bookings & block clients from future bookings if we are dis-respected or made to feel uncomfortable. 

Good vibes only!